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Your name
- Dana ((Nicole))
Age- 14
Location- kennesaw, georgia

Do you like photography?-OMG FUCK YES! i have a 30 year old camera with a focus lense thing and its my BEST FRIEND. i wanna make it like, some future professtion

Post your favorite image-

this isnt photography.. but its one of my fav pics in the world


 sooooo hott mmm...


sorry it's so big.. yeah it wasn't originally gray, i turned it that.. i think black and white pics are so pretty.. but yeah thats my favorite like photograph.. i love wolves to death..and i'll post some of mine when my camera starts working again...

How did you find this community?- YOU, stupid whore... joking hah.

Where did you promote?- i will promote after i make some banners and get bored.. but don't worry i will.. haha

Favorite bands (3) - i don't have favorites.. but some are... from first to last, the juliana theory, hawthorne heights.. stuff like that...

Kerry or Bush?- i dont know much about the election so i can't really say much but based on what i know... kerry... he's for jobs and women's rights.. yeah

Ever been out of the country?- no im too afraid to fly over water haha

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